Master of Rhythms in october

TransformFOLK is proud to present Banyan Tree’s Taal India and Lions of Africa, that will perform together on the 3rd of October at Byscenen.

Lions of Africa, founded by Laye Ananas, is an artistic production company devoted to the promotion of west-African culture, best revered for its infectious percussionist rhythms.

Banyan Tree founded by Mahesh Babu is also a production company with the aim of preserving, nurturing and promoting the rich heritage of the arts of India.

Through Transform Trondheim, these two artistic firms got together in a quest to contrast the similarities between Indian and African percussion earlier in the spring, in what resulted in a mind-blowing show that got tongues wagging in Bangalore and Mumbai!

‘When two crazy people meet, the best creativity comes’


That’s how Mahesh Babu the founder of Banyan tree summed it up. To witness this Crazy exhilarating performance between
Banyan Tree’s Taal India and Lions of Africa, make a date with Transform on the 3rd of October at Byscenen.

Master of Rhythms / October 3rd / Trondheim / Byscenen

Tickets available soon


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