5 broken cameras - Transform

Five broken cameras (Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi, 2011)
94 min – Language: Arabic, Hebrew. English subtitles, all ages
Thursday September 9th at 18:00

Five years with the Burnat Family. Emad bought a video camera in 2005 when his fourth son was born. At the same time the Israeli started demolishing the olive groves in his village Bil’in to build a separation area for the Jewish settlement Modi’in Illit. This zone robbed the Palestinians of 60% of their agricultural land and they refused to give up more to the settlers. The title refers to his five broken cameras as he goes from documenting his son’s life to filming the brutalites performed by the settlers and the military. The film has won a number of awards and was nominated for an Oscar.

In collaboration with Palestinakomiteen.

Emad Burnat og Guy Davidi

Conversation with Mohamed Jabaly, director living in Tromsø. He visited his former home in Gaza this Summer and will speak of the current situation regarding the acts of war this Spring.