Arctic Icemusic Ensemble - Transform

Photo: K. Utler

«Its a chiming, intimate and utterly beautiful world of sound»BBC

Terje Isungset is a pioneer in cold tones and has played on ice since 1999. According to CNN he is the first, and only ice musician, and he tours the world with his concept.

Inuit, Sami and Siberian singers has lived in and of Winter for generations. Different traditions meet on the premise of ice. All in tune with Isungset’s ice instruments and his fellow Scandinavian jazz musicians. Together they celebrate Winter, ice, snow and nature.

They invite the audience into the world of ice where the magical tones swirl through the centuries and its inhabitants having lived it. Respecting nature and the climate is part of the artistic expression.

Goosbump inducing music, but not because the room is cold. Enter the Easter break with this special experience.


“Totally Unique”The reviews hub Score

Terje Isungset – percussion
Maria Skranes – vocal
Amaly Sallualuk – throat singing
Akinisie Sivuarapik – throat singing
Radik Tyulyush – throat singing
Sara Marielle Gaup – joik
Lyder Øvreås Røed – trumpet
Tovio Fjose Sandberg – bass
Anastasia Isachsen – video
Tor Magne Hallibakken – sound
Ina Charlotte Moe – ice technician