Christina Branco - world-class fadojazz - Transform

Cristina Branco’s music is described as the meeting point between elegance, innovation and tradition, with the Portuguese fado as the cornerstone. “Eva” is the title of Cristina Branco’s latest album and shows that Branco is definitely one of the most important personalities in Portuguese music in recent times. The shows in Europe have multiplied and indicate that the term “fado jazz” only makes more and more sense.

“A wonderful voice that hits you in the heart, sprinkles salt in the wound and makes it good with healing balm”

Cristina Branco conveys the deep feelings through Portuguese songs about fate. There is a sadness through the fado music, but still the music is uplifting and is part of the fado’s special influence and place in many people’s hearts.

Cristina Branco – vocals
Luis Figueiredo – piano
Bernardo Moreira – double bass
Bernardo Couto – Portuguese guitar