Hoven Droven - The Nordic largest folk rock band celebrates 30 years! - Transform

Since 1991, Hoven Droven has done thousands of gigs in Europe and North America. Their special interpretations of traditional Swedish folk music have given the band thousands of fans around the world. At folk music festivals, jazz clubs, rock clubs and other stages, people have, with their feet as well planted in the Swedish melody tradition as in rock and jazz, convinced the audience with their infectious groove and virtuoso playing.

This year’s perhaps last concert will take place in the neighboring city of Trondheim, where a whole bunch of fans are waiting for another terrific concert from the 30-year-olds. It was sold out in Oslo at Riksscenen in September and we are going for the same result at Trykkeriet Scene!

“Certainly not the only Scandinavian folk rockers still standing, but probably the best – Alex Monaghan / Folkworld, 2012”

Kjell-Erik Eriksson – fiddle
Bo Lindberg – guitars
Jens Comén – saxophone
Björn Höglund – drums percussion
Pedro Blom – bass