Underreported Reality «Enriching or inconvenient aid – where do we go from here?” - Transform

Transform together with journalist Øystein Windstad organize the seminar “Underreported reality”. Due to travel restrictions it will be presented as a podcast in 2021. Find it on our website and on Facebook during the festival week.

Numbers from Statistics Norway show that we’re increasingly sceptical as to whether financial aid lead to good results. I 2006 70% were positive, in 2017 the number was down to 42%. In the same period Norwegian aid hnearly quadrupled to 29 billion kroner. Better access and control has uncovered a number of large corruption cases both in organizations and in aid countries. Many local organizations have come forward with stories on how the aid is enriching a small elite in the receiving countries, while the majority of the poor are left behind in extreme poverty. How can Norway improve?

Windstad meet with corruption hunter Nigel Iyer, former opposition politician Abu May Matowu and Ingvild Konradsen, leader of “Project Haiti” to talk about their experiences.

Øystein Windstad – host
Nigel Iyer, Norge – corruption hunter
Abu May Matowu – former politician Uganda
Ingvild Konradsen – manager «Project Haiti»