The Forbidden Orchestra – TransformFOLK 2019

The Forbidden Orchestra

Welcome to a musical knockout at this year’s March 8 celebration!

Five strong, brilliant and groundbreaking artists have joined forces in this alliance called The Forbidden Orchestra to explore various musical expressions, promote equality and unite people through music.

The practice of traditional music and the playing of traditional instruments has been and still remains a question of gender, where women are invisible. That’s why it’s not just great music, but also strong personal stories that come out when 5 women from different countries and cultures come together in The Forbidden Orchestra and tell of their cumbersome and sometimes difficult path to be able to keep up with the only thing that is right for them – music!

The concert will be held on Friday, March 8th.
All concert info is available here



Munkegata 66e, 7011 Trondheim, Norway
Phone: +47 90 767 664