«The Secret in Our Voice» - school concerts in weeks 37 and 38, DKS & Transform - Transform

Aboriginal vocal traditions are fascinating and consuming. In their traditional form they were used by shaman’s to achieve a trance to enter into another dimension. The song was meant to tell a story, chase away wild animals or calm down their own domestic animals. It could also be used to invoke the memory of a place or an animal or a person.

In this production we present three unique artists who represent their living tradition. Thomas Gælok with joik, throatsinger Radik Tyulyush from Tuva, Russia and Olena Podluzhnaya from Yakutia with immitation and Jew’s harp. Narrator Kari Holmen ties the concert together with fairytales and fables from Sapmi, Tuva and Yakutia.

Hundreds of students in Inderøy and Verdal get to experience this great project in week 37 and 38.