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TRANSFORM - See the world with new eyes

Transform is an annual international music festival in Norway’s third largest city Trondheim.
We pride ourselves on performances, seminars and talks that bridge people.

After dystopic months with restricions and straight jackets it’s looking like things are loosening up some and we can enjoy live music again. Despite all the new digital solutions, nothing beats live music! Physical interaction is not over praised, and the joy of experiencing things together lead to important rippling effects we weren’t even aware of.

At the same time this period has taught us that nothing is given. What we’ve struggled with both mentally and physically for a few months others live with permanently. And there’s no light in their tunnel currently. The Transform Festival is all about the joy of music and world culture, but also what we’re fighting for and against. Come to our concerts, attend the seminars and films, enrich yourself!

Welcome to Transform 2021!

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Transform has in recent years actively engaged itself on seminars that seek to provide greater cultural understanding between ethnic Norwegian society and immigrants



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Transform festival
Masters of Rhytm
Tarwa N-Tiniri
Couper/Oakes & McIntyre
Jan Magne Førdes DreamTeam
  • We just wanted to say thank you so much to Transform for creating such an incredible events.
    Martin Stanley
  • Can't wait this year's concerts. You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for bringing cultures from all over the world to Trondheim.
    Milena Kewley
    Transform 2017


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