Afroflamenco - Transform

Saturday night we welcome the great band Afroflamenco from Madrid and Dakar.

Afroflamenco is a sociocultural project directed by the Senegalese musician and artist Sidy Samb. It’s based on flamenco and traditional west africak music, two styles of music with their roots in African music which has since developed independently on different continents. The nine musicians weave the two styles together and create a new sound, Gipsy vs Griot. And it sounds awesome. They’ll lift your spirit and we bet you’ll be moved to dance. With six flamenco musicians/dancers and three Senegalese you can only look forward to a rythmic party!

Sidy Samb – vocals
Jorge Pisa Motos – flamenco guitar
Djiby Diabate – balafon
Israel Pisa Motos – percussion
Aroa Fernandez Ortiz – flamenco vocals
Carlos Gonzalez Vegas – flamenco guitar
Gerandy Rafael Hidalgo Labrada – bass, Cuban tres
Josue Pisa Jimenez – flamenco vocals
Sirifo Kouyate Sakiliba – kora

Age limit 20 years. Dokkhuset practise guardian form.