Camel - Transform

Camel (Karl Emil Rikardsen, Norge 2019)
1h15m – Norwegian spoken, no subtitels, all ages
Saturday September 14th at 12:30

The true story of the world’s northernmost camels! Torarin (9) and his sister Svalin (12) live on an island in the far north of Norway together with their parents. They moved from the city wanting to live closer to nature, the ocean and the animals. When the siblings wish for a horse their parents buy two bactrian camels instead. They soon discover that training camels ain’t for amateurs and decide to go to Mongolia to find a professional. After meeting a lot of nice people and having all kinds of adventures they find their trainer deep in the massive Gobi desert. They’re not quite ready for the Mongolian training regime though. Will he find a way to train Bor and Bestla?