Dhoad - Gipsy of Rajasthan og Lions of Africa - Transform

Wednesday 7th september, 18.00

Family concert, “Our Heritage” – Lions of Africa, Senegal and Dhoad, India

Family concert
Price: Students 180 NOK / Regular 220 NOK / Family – 2 adult + children 450 NOK

Wednesday evening, we are proud to present this magnificent, colorful and unique concert at ISAK special put together for the Transform-festival. It will be high ranked percussionist, impressive dance and singing.

Two cultures, two continents, where history and the consciousness of the people are handed down through families via music, song, storytelling, and dance and become an important part of their identity. For anyone outside it’s a party of colors and movements, joy of life and beauty, and when Dhoad from Rajasthan in India and Lions of Africa from Senegal come together there’s truly a firework of sparkling energy waiting to happen.

Separately they’ve toured all over the world and are both cultural ambassadors to their respective homelands. Now, for the first time, they have created a show that highlights the greatness of both cultures and the beauty they share.