DreamTeam-artist Ruth Potter med gjester // FAB – Folk All-In Band - Transform

Dokkhuset Scene
Saturday 10 September, time: 20.00

DreamTeam-artist Ruth Potter med gjester // FAB – Folk All-In Band

Double Concert
Price: 250 NOK / 350 NOK

DreamTeam-artist Ruth Potter

One of Transform’s annual highlights is the DreamTeam Concert. Every year we ask a regional musician to put together their own DreamTeam with artists from near and far, with a focus on ethnic/roots music.

Our 2022 DreamTeam Artist is harpist Ruth Potter of Trondheim Symphonic Orchestra who will present her team at Dokkhuset. Originally from Sussex, England with her exam from the London Royal Academy of Music she plays this beautiful instrument that goes back thousands of years. It can be traced back to what is today Iraq, Iran and Egypt, and later on India and China. During the Middle Ages it spread to Europe and later to the Americas. Ruth has played and recorded with all the major orchestras in Norway, she’s toured internationally with the larger British orchestras. Played chamber music in London’s Wigmore Hall and solo performances in the Purcell Room.

Going to folk music festivals around Scandinavia and Great Britain chances are you’ll run into Ruth who has a big heart for these traditions.

Her DreamTeam consists of reknown traditional musicans from Shetland, Scotland and Sweden, plus one of the foremost saxophone players of Norway.

Ruth Potter – harp
Catriona McKay – harp and keys
Chris Stout – fiddle
Anders Löfberg – cello
Trygve Seim – saxophon

FAB – Swedish Big Band Power Folk!

Folk All-in Band (FAB) is the big band version of traditional Swedish music. A mighty rhythmical fusion of strings and a brass section to lift any traditional tune up amongst the disco balls and spotlights. Instant party mood, and whether you dance or not, hard to sit still. Founder and leader of the band is Karl-Johan Ankarblom who is a well known arranger of both classical and popular music. He founded FAB to live out his great passion of traditional music. He gathered his favourite Swedish trad musicians to interpret the older traditions, the result is a heavenly trad party.

Lena Jonsson – fiddle
Anna Lindblad – fiddle
Jenny Elisabeth Gustafsson – fiddle
Adrian Jones – 5 string fiddle
Jonas Bleckman – cello

Niclas Ericson – trumpet
Stefan Stensson Mathiesen – alt sax
Kristoffer Siggstedt – trombone
Daniel Reid – barytonesax
Johan Ronström – mandolin

Adam Johansson – guitar
Karl-Johan Ankarblom – keyboard
Kristofer (Krydda) Sundström – bass
Rolf Landberg – percussion
Jonathan Lundberg – drums