Drone - Transform

Drone (Tonje Hessen Schei, Norge 2014)
1h18m, English spoken, Norwegian subtitles, Age 12 years
Tuesday September 10th at 17:00

Experience CIA’s secret drone wars from the inside of the drone pilots bunker to the victims on the ground. How is it to live below the drones? How is it to kill with a joystick? See how drones changed warfare. Young gamers are recruited as drone pilots and CIA sets the standard for eternal war. Drone has won a number of awards around the world, for instance Best Norwegian Documentary and the Checkpoint Award at Bergen Internasjonale Filmfestival, the Fredsfilmprisen at TIFF and Cinema for Peace Award in Berlin.

After the movie the seminar Underreported realities will be held. Presenting amongst others director Tonje Hessen Schei and journalist Øyvind Bye Skille (NRK, Norsk PEN)

Tonje Hessen Schei