«Encounter» - soloforestilling av Shabnam Karimi - Transform

Trykkeriet Scene
Saturday September 10th and Sunday September 11th, 18.00

«Encounter» – solo performance by Shabnam Karimi

Price: 180 NOK

Art is a powerful tool to express concerns, agonies, frustrating experiences while simultaneously soothing them. The acquisition of artistic expression techniques is a human need which is neglected in most societies. The synergistic effect of the fulfillment of the basic needs and the process of socialization, drowns the artistic tendencies, talents and interests, especially in the societies where art is not introduced as a need and not even considered as a tool to meet the basic needs.

This performance is based on Shabnam Karimi’s life experience when she encounters a strong need and desire to follow her artistic dream and express herself through it, while choosing to earn her livelihood by science. This choice ignited a challenge in her life and inspired her to create the play “Encounter”, her first solo performance.