Rolf Theil – “Romani – a Norwegian minority language” - Transform

Romani is a Norwegian minority language which originated in India and is spoken by the romani/travelers. Romani shares similarities with hindi, urdu and panjabi, although it is not known when the original Roma speakers left India. How many use Norwegian Romani is also unknown. Standing out as Romani/a traveler in Norway has always been problematic, and the language was a clear identity marker that was prohibited in schools and in the Norwegian society at large. Current measures to save the language include a digital app where level 2 has just been released.

Rolf Theil is a professor and linguist with the University of Oslo, knows some 50 languages and has done considerable work with Romani and how to conserve a minority language. He’ll take us on an hour long journey on the history and development of Romani and the new opportunities to save the language.