Hacking Justice – Julian Assange - Transform

Trykkeriet Scene
Thursday 8th september, 17.00 movie – 19.00 seminar

Hacking Justice – Julian Assange

Movie and seminar
Price: 150 NOK

“The universal Declaration of Human Rights, ratified after WW2, established limits to what a nation state can do. They established bans on civilian casualties and use of torture during acts of war, emphasized citizen integrity in all countried and established a general right to asylum. Julian Assange established WikiLeaks to disclose violations on these. The Human Rights Declaration today is in danger of being erased. While crimes remain unpunished, the exposure of them is criminalized. The world has become a more dangerous place after the Assange verdict and the pressure on whistleblowers is rising”

Julian Assange is risking 175 years of incarceration in the USA for having leaked information about war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan through WikiLeaks back in 2010. The case against him took a serious turn last June when the British Minister of the Interior greenlit the extradiction of him to the US. Both Norwegian and International press and organizations working with freedom of speech agree that the extradiction of Assange will deliver a serious blow to basic freedoms of speech and press. His lawyers have appealed the verdict and this seminar aims to shed light on the complexity of the case. For those wanting to get more background on the case, the critically acclaimed documentary “Hacking Justice – Julian Assange” will be shown just before the seminar.

Rune Ottosen – head of the Assange committe at Norske PEN

Gisle Selnes – professor of literatur at the University in Bergen and author of «Forfølgelsen av Julian Assange

John Pilger – internationally recognized journalist, has worked intently on covering the Assange case

Øystein Windstad – journalist and seminarleader