Håkon Magnar Skogstad & The Trondheim Soloists – A Hundred Years of Piazzolla and Tango – CD release! - Transform

Composer and bandeneonist Astor Piazzolla was born a hundred years ago. By many considered the “Saviour of Tango” when his way of blending the Argentine tango with classical music and jazz lifted the tango from the dance halls to the world stage. It also led to a split in the tango world, between the purists and the avantgardists, Piazzolla even received death threats.

On the occasion of the anniversary pianist Håkon Magnar Skogstad arranged and recorded music by himself and Piazzolla with the Trondheim Soloists and Atle Sponberg. This will be the official release of the album, an honour for us and the audience. Håkon is one of the foremost Norwegian tango musicians and has toured internationally for a number of years.

We welcome you to a rare evening of music together with Håkon, the Trondheim Soloists and conductor Rannveig Ryeng.