Huun-Huur Tu – Olena UUTAI – Ellen A.Oskal-Spein & Frode Barth - Transform

2019 is UNESCO’s International Year of Indigenous Languages. Transform’s first cconcert is a celebration of three very special indigenous groups and their music. Tuvan throat singing, Sami joik from Norway’s Sapmi and animalistic song and the Jew’s harp from Yakutia in Russia.

Huun-Huur Tu from the Russian republic Tuva is among the foremost ambassadors of throat singing in the world, and they’re an unforgettable experience fornthose that get to listen to them. In addition we’ll hear Olena Podluzhnaia from Uutai and Ellen A. Oskal-Spein accompanied by guitarist Frode Barth.

Khovalyg Kaisal-Ool
Sayan Bapa
Radik Tyulyush
Alexei Saryglar
Árbi – Ellen A. Oskal-Spein (joik) & Frode Barth (guitars)

Transform is proud to host the album release of Árbi (Grappa Forlag). Ellen is a traditional joiker from Finnmark. She’s from a reindeer herding family where the joik has been central. Together with Frode Barth, guitarist and driving force behind the project, they’re here to present a few tracks off the album.

Traditionally a joik was either a way to sing a person or a place or a situation. A personal joik reflects someone’s traits, personality and soul. The joik is one of the oldest living musical traditions in Europe. In spite of a state driven policy where it was considered sinful and ultimately forbidden. Still, it survived and there’s a steady flow of new and interesting artists.

(On the album Ellen and Frode are joined by Manu Katché, Palle Mikkelborg, Trygve Seim, Anders Røine and Kai Berg)