India på 200 sider - Transform

Magistratsalen, The Public Library
Friday 9th september, 19.00

«India in 200 pages» – lecture by Torbjørn Færøvik

Price: 100 NOK


The popular series “… in 200 pages” from Kagge Forlag engages its audience. Torbjørn Færøvik published “India in 200 pages” back in 2021 and in August 2022 India celebrated its 75th anniversary since their liberation from the British Commonwealth.

India is enormous, both in size and numbers, but most Norwegians knows very little about it. The author gives us an overview from the very beginning up until today, with the main focus on the developments since their independence in 1947. India is a rich mosaic of people and beliefs. Their story is rich with buddah’s, maharaja’s, British imperialists and brutal opposition amongst groups. In spite of extensive poverty they’re on an upward economic trajectory. The next decades will see India as an important global actor alongside China, the USA, Russia and the EU. The author himself will give us an exciting and knowledgeable introduction.