«Immigrants meeting the Norwegian Healthcare Service» - Transform

Transform and the Hospital Ministry at St.Olavs Hospital has held the seminar “Immigrants meeting the Norwegian Healthcare Service” for a number of years. A wide variety of themes has been discussed, excellent lecturers have shared their experiences and the seminar has been filled up. There’s obviously a need to broaden the cultural understanding, and we can all improve.

Healthcare workers are often prepared for the opposite of what the immigrant expect. It can be how it’s organized, understanding your own and the health care worker’s participation, knowledge of personal health, body, bodily functions and mental health. Differing expectations can often lead to insecurities which then result in unclear communication and difficult interactions. Both parties can sometime wonder about the behaviour expressed in a situation, and it often leads back to what we’ve laid out here.

1. 1. Associate professor Jonas Debesay, OsloMet – “Renegotiating formal and informal care while ageing abroad: Older Pakistani women’s healthcare access, preferences and expectations in Norway”
2. 2. Marita Ingebrigtsen, professional developer at the St.Olav’s Emergency Service – “lack of info due to difficult communication” Challenges in emergency medicine while servicing immigrants.