Israel and apartheid – will there be any consequenses? - Transform

Photo: Osama Silwadi

Trykkeriet Scene
Monday 5th september, 18.00-20.00

Israel and apartheid – will there be any consequenses?

Seminar with Gerald Folkvord and Levy Gideon. Leader: Øystein Windstad. Amnesty partner.
Price: 100 NOK

The report «Israel’s Apartheid against Palestinians: Cruel System of Domination and Crime against Humanity» was released by Amnesty International in January. It stated that Israel does commit apartheid on the Palestinians. At the sam

At the same time UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories, Michael Lynk, came to the same conclusion. The Israeli’s extensive and serious violations against Palestinian’s human rights is part of a targeted strategy to discriminate and suppress them.

This systematic discrimination constitutes apartheid under International Laws.

  • The Israeli authorities enforce a suppressing and controling system of the Palestinian people
  • Palestinians are treated like a less valuable ethnic minority systematically robbed of their rights
  • Examples of systemic discrimination
    • Extensive occupation of land and property
    • Illegal killings
    • Forced relocations
    • Drastical limitations on freedom of movement
    • Palestinians in Israel being treated like second rate citizens

What is the foundation of Amnesty’s report, and what if any, consequences will it have on Western politics and how they work with Israel ? Transform and Amnesty present this seminar together. Amnesty Norge’s political councelor Gerald Folkvord will present the report. Reknown journalist Gideon Levy from Israel will share how affects his homeland. Journalist Øystein Windstad will host.

Gerald Folkvord – political councelor, Amnesty Norge

Gideon Levy – journalist Haaretz, Israel

Øystein Windstad – host

In collaboration with Amnesty Trondheim and Palestine committee in Trøndelag

Gideon Levy – journalist Haaretz, Israel

Gerald Folkvord – political councelor, Amnesty Norge