Taal India & Lions of Africa - Transform

Lions of Africa – Les Lions d’Afrique du Sénégal, S.U.A.R.L is a company of artistic productions. Laye Ananas, a well-known Senegalese artist, founded the company in 1999 to promote the culture of his nation through music and dance. These exclusive productions are based on traditional stories told by the Griots. These men are well respected, skillful storytellers and historians who pass down the history and legends that forged their society through music, song, dance and poems. These men of great knowledge possess centuries of wisdom, transmitted from their ancestors.

To give life to the Griots ‘ stories and share them with the rest of the world, Lions of Africa has united the most talented artists from all over The Gambia and Senegal. The company has created captivating performances, that enchant people around the world. The lions have been invited to several European countries, such as the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway, to present their shows and act as a cultural ambassadors of Senegal.

Laye Ananas achieved great success with this project. As testimony to this,  his company became the official Senegalese cultural ambassador in Amsterdam, and has also performed welcoming ceremonies for high foreign dignitaries in Senegal.

Lions of Africa is not just about entertainment, it is also about education. By offering a unique glimpse of West-African culture, we furnish our audience with a fresh perspective of Africa. Through a highly entertaining and energetic performance, spectators will discover how vibrant and diverse this continent truly is. We invite you to browse through photographs of our previous performances and read some of the many enthusiastic testimonies from our patrons. 

lions of africa