Katia Guerreiro w/band - World Class Fado - Transform

Katia Guerreiro w/band – World Class Fado

Katia Guerreiro is one of Portugal’s most well known Fado artists. She tours internationally with her handpicked musicians and she received rave reviews for her latest album «Até Ae Fim». Transform is proud to have this charismatic artist close out this year’s festival. She says she left a piece of her heart her almost two years ago. And we’re sure all who attended that concert let her into theirs!

Fado means fate and few can present these strongs emotions as passionately as Katia. A singer whose warmth and depths convey bittersweet melancholia and nostalgia together with the band’s soft melodies.

Katia Guerreiro – vocals
Luis Guerreiro – Portuguese guitar
Joao Veiga – classical guitar
Fernando Júdice – upright bass


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