Kulturskolen og FAB - Transform

Sunday 11. september, 15.00

Folk All – in Band (FAB) and the cultural schools in Trondheim and Orkanger

Swedish Power Folk – Concert
Pris: Adults 250 NOK/Children 150 NOK/Family (2 children included) 600 NOK

We have collaborated with the talented students of Trondheim Cultural School several times, this time we’re getting back together to celebrate Scandinavian traditional music. Folk All – in Band (FAB) is the big band version of trad music. From their first bowing stroke you can feel the rhythm and the brass section gets your heart going. We hope this project will inspire many students to explore our fantastic musical heritage and move it forward in their own way.

Trondheim Cultural School is a leading entity when it comes to offers both general and talent led. 4500 students within music, dance, stage and visual arts get their education either at Olavshallen or in local schools around town. They often cooperate with professional artists which is both educational and valuable to the students.

Look forward to swinging strings, airy brass and joyful percussion!

Lena Jonsson – violin
Anna Lindblad – violin
Jenny Elisabeth Gustafsson – violin
Adrian Jones – 5-string violin
Jonas Bleckman – cello

Niclas Ericson – trumpet
Stefan Stensson Mathiesen – alt saxofone
Kristoffer Siggstedt – trombone
Daniel Reid – baryton saksofon

Johan Ronström – mandolin
Adam Johansson – guitar
Karl-Johan Ankarblom – keyboard
Kristofer (Krydda) Sundström – bass
Rolf Landberg – percussion
Jonathan Lundberg – drums

Lærere og elver fra Kulturskolen
Produsent: Line Henriksen