Lamb - Transform

Lamb (Yared Zeleke, Etiopia 2015)
1h34m – Amharic spoken, English subtitles, Age 12 years
Wedneday September 11th at 16:00 / Friday September 13th at 21:00

Ephraim lives in the Ethiopian countryside with his father and his beloved lamb Chuni. After the death of his mother and the impending shortage of food the family must relocate to a place with more resources. The father tries his luck in Addis Ababa and leaves Ephraim with distant relatives in the countryside. He’s welcomed with scepticism as it turns out he’s hopeless with a plow and prefers to cook, a woman’s job. The relatives also got their eyes on the nice, fat lamb Chuni as it will provide a tasty meal at the upcoming religious holiday. Ephraim must search for a way to keep Chuni alive.

Lamb is a warm and intelligent coming of age story with Ethiopia’s sociopolitical challenges as a subtle backdrop. The film is co-produced by Norwegian Film Farms with support from Sørfond.