Latin Rhythms - Transform

Latin Rhythms – Mambo Companeros and Trondheim Kulturskole

Sunday 7. Oct Mambo Companeros will be on stage again; this time on Lille Scene in Olavshallen together with around 100 students from Trondheim Cultural School. Trondheim Municipal Culture School is among the country’s leading cultural schools.

Around 4,500 students with music, performing arts and visual arts are taught in Olav Hall and around schools throughout the city. So be ready for massive horn sections, a variety of rhythms and percussionists as well as several soloists bringing the Latin fever out to the audience!

For a wonderful end to this year’s Transform Festival.

Alexander Fernandez – vocal
Luison Medina-Capote – congas/vocal
Bjørnar Søreng – timbales
Magnus Forsberg – drums
Kjetil Sandnes – bass
Morten Huuse – keyboard
Kåre Kolve – sax/flute
Morten Schrøder – trumpet