Mads Gilbert - War Traumas - Transform

Mads Gilbert – War Traumas and the Belief of the Future / In collaboration with PALKOM

Mads Gilbert

“A boy from Gaza dreams that soldiers shoot him. They shoot and shoot. He calls for help, but no one comes. Then, just before he’s dying, the ambulance is there. The rescue. But it’s full of wild dogs that crash against him, and all hope is out “.

Children with traumatic nightmares wake up and are in alarm mode: the stress hormones are flushing with the blood, the body is shaking, the breath goes heavy and fast. According to a new study from Refugee Aid, 6 out of 10 Palestinian children in Gaza are experiencing trauma night mares. Violent conflicts around the world are destroying children and adults mentally and physically, yet the path to war and the support of armed conflicts seem hasty often. In this lecture, Mads Gilbert will talk about what’s happening in a population experiencing war and persecution. The physical and mental injuries and how the human mind copes with it to find some sort of way to survive. With Gaza as a starting point, he draws parallels to civilians around the world that must live with this like Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen and Sudan.

Since Mads Gilbert first left for service as a solidarity doctor to Beirut in 1981, he has ever since urged to travel and help the victims of war crimes in countries like Angola, Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Burma, Cambodia and Gaza. Medicine and politics go hand in hand, and he has been active in the solidarity work with the Palestinians since the 1970s with numerous periods behind him as a physician in Palestine and Lebanon.