Manou Gallo - Transform

Manou Gallo Band with guests – Dawda Jobarteh (cora), Cheikh Ibrahima Fall (ballofon), Lions of Africa (percussion)
Ivory Coast/Belgium/Gambia/Senegal

Manou Gallo

Manou Gallo – one of the most divine bass players in the world – is ready for 2018 with her new album “Afro groove Queen” produced & featured by Bootsy Collins. She will be in Trondheim for the first time at Transform, making sure Saturday night’s last concert will go into history as glorious and unforgettable. As special guest, Cheick Fall on ballofon, Lions of Africa on percussions and Dawda Jobarteh on cora, will be there to celebrate musically the highest level of Manous musical universe.


“A musical love triangle and adventure between Africa, Europe and America. Funk, jazz and afro groove are the pillars”.


Always connected to the African roots, Manou Gallo combines her sound with funk, jazz, soul and blues into multi-layered sound collages whose rhythm brings joy. Her last album is a cornucopia of musical ideas, good humour and rousing grooves; full of traditions prepared for the future.


“Afro funk is the future and Manou Gallo his Queen!”

Manou Gallo – bass
Tchango Amontete Kassoung – percussion
Yannick Werther – guitar
David Thomaere – piano
Cheick Ibrahima Fall – balloon
Dawda Jobarteh – kora
Lions of Africa – percussion