Platons Hulelignelse og maleriutstilling Sara Karimi - Transform

Krypten Metodistkirken, Cicignons plass
September 4th-11th, Monday -Sunday 11.00-18.00

“Plato’s Allegory of the Cave” and painting exhibition Sara Karimi

Entrance: Free

Sara Karimi is an Iranian painter and graphic designer born in Shiraz, the cultural capital city of Iran. She has a Master’s Degree in graphic design, and she started painting in her early childhood. She improved her knowledge of painting and acquired the different painting techniques and styles through learning and experiencing under the supervision of Iranian masters for 30 years.
Transform is proud to exhibit her paintings, which are also for sale.

Her exhibition includes two parts; conceptual paintings and naturalism paintings which are made by acrylic technique on canvas. She uses women or feminine elements in her art. In the conceptual paintings, she combines different spaces to create an imaginary space in which the audience is led to the feminine mind and world. In her naturalism paintings, she tries to draw the audience attention to the delicate details which lies in the natural elements of the world around us. In these paintings, she also use the feminine elements.