Rafiki - Transform

Rafiki (Wanuri Kahiu, Kenya 2018)
1h23m – English and Swahili spoken, Norwegian subtitles, Age 9 years
Friday September 13th at 17:00 / Sunday September 15th at 20:30

As the first ever Kenyan film in the official Cannes program Rafiki became a big hit. The Kenyan government was anything but happy as the movie tells the story of forbidden love. Kena and Ziki, the two young daughters of political rivals meet and fall in love. Men and women living out their love of the same sex in Kenya risk not only jail time but also social disgrace and stigma. Violent attacts are fairly common.

This is a colorful love story and a film that brims with joy, heartache and rebellious energy. The film is directed by Wanuri Kahiu (b.1980). She’s got her film education from UCLA and won five awards during Afria Movie Academy Awards for her first feature length From a Whisper in 2009.