Romani-evening with Veronica Akselsen trio - Transform

Trykkeriet Scene
Friday 9th september, 20.00

Romani evening with Veronica Akselsen trio

Price: Students 150 NOK / Regular 200 NOK

Veronica Akselsen Lillesveen has a diverse career as culture worker, artist and speaker. Elias Akselsen is her father. She’s a proud conveyor of the Romani’s rich cultural heritage, has released a number of critically acclaimed albums and was raised on the music of the travelers.

Her sister Kristin Johansen has been part of a number of releases. Together they’ve made two Christmas albums which they’ve toured. She is also an active cultural emissary.

They’re joined by guitarist Karl Johansen

Veronica Akselsen Lillesveen – song and storytelling
Kristin Johansen – song
Karl Johansen – guitar

Veronica Akselsen Lillesveen

Veronica Akselsen and Kristin Johansen