SVER and Trondheim Cultural School - Transform

Transform close out the festival at Byscenen with a collaboration between the cultural school and the Swedish/Norwegian trad music band SVER. The word sver can describe something “grand and impressive”, which describes the band themselves quite well. Their high energy, tight interaction and creative arrangements has branded them as a trad “power band”. They regularly tour Europe and the US and has played all the big festivals – quite often closing out the night. Following this act can be a challenge.

Trondheim Cultural School is amongst the leading institutions both in general and talent driven offers. 4500 students get their education in music, stage arts and visual arts at Olavshallen and local schools around town. They often team up with professional performers something which is valuable and educational for the students.

Olav Luksengård Mjelva – fiddle, hardanger fiddle, viola
Anders Hall – fiddle, hardanger fiddle, viola
Leif Ingvar Ranøien – diatonic accordeon/torader
Oskar Reuter – guitar
Jens Linell – percussion
Students and teachers from the Cultural School
Producers: Line Henriksen og Andreas Bjørkås