Tarwa N-Tiniri - Transform

Pop-up performance festival tent, Cicignons Place
Thursday 8. – Saturday 10. september

Tarwa N-Tiniri

Tarwa N-Tiniri come from the southern town Ouarzazate in Morocco. Inspired by famous desert blues bands like Tinariwen, Tamikrest and Bombino, these young musicians’ goal is to become the new international generation of desert blues bands and are doing a great job so far. The Transform festival back in 2018 were their European break through and since then they have been touring in several countries around Europe. Singing their songs in the amazigh language accompanied by acoustic guitar, el-guitar, djembe, calabasse and bass guitar they express the social conditions of the nomadic people of their region and refreshes the genre with energy, creativity and vocals with deep roots woven in the special desert blues rhythms.

Transform is tremendously proud to present Tarwa N-Tiniri again and we welcome everyone to visit one of our festival tents at Cicignons plass from Thur-Sat in the festival week to hear them and have a chat.

Hamid Ait Ahmed – vocal & guitar solo
El Mokhtar Ait Nacer – chant & guitar solo
Youssef Ait Nacer – chant & percussion/djembe
Mohamed El-Mobaraky – chant & chorale/percussion
Mustapha Ait Ba – chant & chorale/percussion
Smail Ait Nacer – chant & guitar bass