Telli Turnalar - Transform

Ni Muser
Friday 9th september, 12.00

Concert, In cooperation with Trondheim Senior Culture
Tickets available from Senior Culture

Telli Turnalar

Dokkhuset Scene
Saturday 10th september, 14.00

Price: 180 NOK, ticket includes the movie “Saz”

Telli Turnalar found eachother in their love for the instrument saz and the popular musical traditions of Anatolia such as the Ak and the Alevi traditions, where the saz is a sacred instrument. The ensemble consists of four young women who present Turkish and Kurdish songs in their own unique way. They sing intensely and beautifully, either solo or in polyphonic and subtle arrangements accompanied by saz, lyre and other stringed instrument. The audience is drawn into anther musical world, even if they don’t understand the lyrics. Made up of two Europeans who have lived in Turkey and two Anatolian musicians who grew up in Europe, the group takes its name from the beautiful gray cranes of Anatolia which are symbols of migration and have a huge presence in the popular repertoire.