The Ambulance - Transform

The Ambulance (Mohamed Jabaly, Norge/Palestina 2016)
1h18m, Arabic spoken, English subtitles, Age 15 years
Thursday September 12th at 18:00

Ambulance workers play a central role in most war theaters centered in densely populated areas but are rarely mentioned in media’s coverage of war. Most of us take it for granted that at any time there will be men and women willing to risk their life to save others, rarely reflecting upon the courage and strength needed to do this. In The Ambulance Mohamed Jabaly follow an ambulance and its crew through the 51 day war between Israel and Gaza in 2014. The camera became a solid point of reference in an otherwise chaotic and tragic period of time for the director as everything  simmered on the edge of eruption.

The Ambulance is brutal and shockingly authentic in its depiction of war on the street level in Gaza. By letting us this close to humans doing their best to limit the results of the destructive actions of war Jabaly create a deeper understanding of the realities of war that often lacks in other presentations where focus rests on the bigger picture.

The film will be introduced by Mohamed Jabaly.

Mohamed Jabaly