The female voice of Iran - Transform

The Female Voice of Iran (Andreas Rochholl, 2020)
76 min – Language: English, Pershian/Farsi. English subtitles, all ages
Thursday September 9th at 18:00

Solo singing has been prohibited for women since 1919. But women never stop singing. Digital platforms have given these women the chance of finding each other to share their dream of singing and being heard. An anonymous voice on Instagram speaking through its talisaman, the camel Negar, invite all female singers to meet in a garden in Esfahan. Negar seek help from two helpers, the film makers, to travel through Iran to find these voices.

Through the film we get to know strong female personalities from different cultures in this magic land, their life and families and their identities as singers and conveyors of history. The impressive voice of these women from 15 to 97 years old make us think nothing is given and the power of music is beyond measure.

In collaboration with Feministhuset.

Andreas Rochholl