"The Power of Words – people in refuge" ICORN 15 years - Transform

The Freetown Writing Project in Trondheim marks their 15th anniverary in 2019. Hundreds, if not thousands of writers around the world are pursued or jailed because they exercise their freedom of speach. The Freetown network ICORN (International Cities of Refuge Network) was established to offer writers a refuge where they could work and express themselves freely without fearing sensorship or threats against their lives. Trondheim has been a member of ICORN since 2004 and took in their first Freetown Writer that year. The city hosts writers for two years at a time and we currently have four in residence.

The three authors Asihe Amini, Musa Mutaev and Montaser Abdulramen will join us along with some of the most versatile jazz/world musicians led by Frode Barth. Musicians from the writers’ homelands will also take part as guests.


Asihe Amini

Musa Mutaev

Montaser Abdulramen

Frode Barth – guitar
Kåre Kolve – saxophone
Finn Guttormsen – bass
with guests