The Tower - Transform

The Tower (Mats Grorud, Norge 2018)
1h16m – Norwegian spoken, no subtitles, Age 9 years
Thursday September 12th at 16:00 / Saturday September 14th at 14:00

The Tower is a warm and compelling story about 11 year old Wardi and her great grandfather Sidi living together in a tall tower in a refugee camp in Beirut, Libanon. Ever since Sidi arrived in the camp in 1948 he’s held up hope that one day he’ll return to his beloved Palestine. But time is running out. The film shows us Wardi’s journey to the past searching for Sidi’s lost hope and her own future through the stories of four generations living together in a tower.

The Tower is an animated movie based on true stories from interviews, conversations and observations made by director and script writer Mats Grorud as he lived in a refugee camp in Beirut.