The Wound - Transform

The Wound (John Trengove, South-Africa 2017)
1h28m – English, Afrikaans and Xhosa spoken, Norwegian subtitles, Age 12 years
Monday September 9th at 20:30 / Friday September 13th at 19:00

The South-African factory worker Xolani travel to a remote mountain to assist with a Xhosa circumcision, a tradition where teenage boys are inducted into manhood. First by ritual circumcision before they’re left alone in the wilderness for days. Completely isolated from women these young men are trained in the masculine codes of their culture. In the middle of this machismo and aggressive environment Xolani find a friend in Kwanda. Kwanda soon realizes Xolani’s deeply kept secret – that he is in love with a man.

All the actors in The Wound hail from the Bantu culture where Xhosa is the mother tongue. Dances, songs, body paint and rituals are authentically presented. The movie takes us into this hyper masculine world of secret rituals by showing the effects it has on its participants. At the same time it focuses on one of the biggest taboos in South-Africa today, homosexuality. The lead actor Nakhane Touré has gone through these rituals himself and is also gay. Through his presentation we get an upsetting South-African view into the age old dilemma of tradition versus modernity.