Traditional African Murals - Transform

Library and Peter Egges Plass
Tuesday 6th september, 12.00 – 13.00

Traditional African Murals

Official opening and talk Tuesday 6th Sep, 12.00 by Marija Milos, Museum of African Art, Belgrade
Exhibition «African Murals», Inside outside, during the week

The “Traditional African Murals» exhibition presents photographs and illustrations of painted, reliefs and mosaic decorations that appear on architectural elements of house exteriors and interiors, and whole compounds from different parts of the continent. Murals as an artistic form is a centuries old tradition, with examples of exceptional visual solutions that distinguish the works of artists of the Igbo (Nigeria), Gurunsi (Burkina Faso and Ghana), Ndebele and Basotho (South Africa and Lesotho) peoples.

The exhibition bears witness to the artistic expression of the African women-muralists who approach the walls of their houses like a canvas, expressing at the same time elements of the traditional cannon and the spirit of modernity which represent the creative spring form which African contemporary artists originate.

In collaboration with The Museum of African Art, Belgrade, Serbia