Transjoik with Nawar Alnadaff (Syria) - Transform

One can hardly describe Transjoik! What happens on stage when the four musicians get together is always new and improvised. At the same time we know exactly what to expect when we buy our tickets. The way they use their voices and let this play into the music impresses us over and over again. And is one of the main reasons why the audience hungers for new music and new musical challenges. The band is well known and many have followed them all the way back since their formation in 1993. They’re always curios of new voices and the world is their playground, something which leads to new and unique experiences for the audience. This time they’re joined by Nawar Alnaddaf on the oud and song.

Snorre Bjerck – percussion
Nils-Olav Johansen – flamenco guitar
Frode Fjellheim – piano
Anders Bitustøyl – double bass
Nawar Alnaddaf – vocal, oud