Trauma and loss of identity - what does it do to us? - Transform

Kunnskapssenteret, St.Olavs Hospital
Monday September 5th, 12.00-15.30

Trauma and loss of identity – what does it do to us?

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For a number of years Transform and the Clerical Service at St.Olavs Hospital has presented an annual seminar under the heading “Refugees in meeting with the Norwegian health services”. The need for cultural understanding is great, and we can only get better.

This year’s seminar is on the experiences migrants and refugees have been through before arriving here. Most health care professionals have not been through the cruelty, loss, destruction and mortal danger these patiens have gone through, so how can we understand how this affect their physical and mental health. A gunshot wound is easy to see, but what about the things that don’t leave visible scars. What does a life on the run do to a human being? What happens to children and adults who constantly live on the edge of their existense? Who every day live with war, abuse, illness and death. And what about those who come to Norway on borrowed time; not knowing whether they’ll stay or be returned to fear and insecurity.

We have invited three lecturers who either works in this spesific field or has lived through it themselves. We look forward to an educational and thought provoking seminar.

Merethe Garnes Hellen, manager of the Refugee health, trauma and torture policlinic at the Mid-Norway Resource Sentre for violence, traumatic stress and suicide prevention. She’s a psychology specialist and has worked with the NGO VIVO International in crises areas around Africa. She works specifically with refugee health care, forced migration, human trafficking and treatment of trauma related disorders

Morten Sodemann, senior physician, professor and research manager at Refugee Medical Clinic, Odense University Hospital and Syddansk Universitet. He established the Refugee Medical Clinic in 2008 and has published the text book “What you don’t know will hurt your patient”, about his meetings with ethnic minorities. He has spearheaded the process of building and establishing a professional field that covers both ethnical Danes and migrants.

Mohammed Al-Mashhadani, born and raised in Iraq, but had to flee to Syria when the war hit. His mother was a doctor who was killed in Iraq. Catastrophy hits when war breaks out in Syria and the family is split apart again. The journey led them to Norway. With immense will power and clear goals Mohammed learns Norwegian, sits his exams privately and make it into the medical studies in Oslo where he’s currently enrolled. Few knows better than him what war is, what escape is , what loss is, and what it does to you as a human being.

Cooperation between Transform and the Clerical Services at St.Olavs Hospital.