Underrapportert Virkelighet – Stemmer fra den andre siden - Transform

Trykkeriet Scene
Tuesday 6th september, 18.00-21.00

“Voices from the Other Side” – Underreported Reality

Host: Øystein Windstad. Seminar
Price: 150 NOK

Over the last years we have cooperated with journalist Øystein Windstad to present a number of seminars around the importance of a free press, investigative journalism, human rights, democracy and the security of all those who work to uncover abuse, corruption, exploitation and destruction.

This year we focus on journalists who have chosen to stand up against the official policies of their homeland and report from “the other side”. They communicate stories from those who are affected by conflicts and suffer under them, the dark side of war and oppression. They also share how cynical world leaders are when it comes to nationalism, geopolitical strategies and access to resources.

Elena Milashina is one of the voices from Russia who stand out in protecting basic human rights and has had the courage to speak out against the regime. She has also taken a stand agains the Putin controlled Chechnyan dictator Ramzan Kadyrov who’s behind a number of attacks and murders on journalists and human right activists. Elena herself has received death threats and has lost friends and colleagues, amongst them Anna Politkovskaya. Despite threats and personal attacks she keeps on with her work to expose abuse of power, corruption and human right violations. Milashina works in Gazeta that received the Nobels Peace Prize ini 2021

Elena Milashina – journalist, Russia

Gideon Levy is an Israeli journalist and author. He writes for the newspaper Haaretz where he also has a weekly column. He often focuses on the occupation of the Palestinian territories. He has won prizes for his work on the human rights conditions in Israel and Palestine. Critics characterize him as a Hamas left wing propagandist. In 2021 he was awarded the Sokolov Prize in Israel. He describes himself as a human being whose humble mission it is to avoid a situation where the “moral blindness” of war and occupation lead the Israeli people to say “We didn’t know”.

Gideon Levy – journalist, Israel

John Pilger, the reputable Australian journalist and documentarist is well known for his descriptions of third world conditions and how they relate to decision-making processes in the West. Through interviews and public documents he has shone a light on how a number of regimes have been created and kept alive with the support of Western politicians. A prominent and loud voice who has received a number of prizes and honors for his work.

John Pilger – journalist, Australia & UK (will attend digitally)

Øystein Windstad – journalist, host and emcee