Underreported Reality - Transform

Øystein Windstad – emcee

Transform, together with journalist Øystein Windstad present the seminar Underreported Reality. Here we present brave and independent journalists and people who selflessly work to bring conflicts, injustices, social issues and breaches on human rights to light. Some with their life on the line! These conflicts aren’t necessary first page news or on the current political order, but it’s all the more important to be familiar with them. This year’s theme is the drone war that costs hundreds of civilians their life every year. We start by showing the documentary Drone by Tonje Schei Hessen and follow up with related talks.


Tonje Schei Hessen – Norge

The drone war warning

The Norwegian documentary Drone received international  attention and has been seen by millions across the world, via media like The Guardian for instance. The film highlights the consequenses of CIA’s secret drone war in Pakistan. The film also focuses on the human factor where US drone pilots have to live with the fact that they might have killed innocent civilians. Director Tonje Schei Hessen tell us how they got a former drone pilot to come forward and tell his story.


Rune Ottosen, Norsk PEN – Norge

The consequenses of Julian Assange’s arrest

The literary association Norsk PEN is coming forward to warn about the consequenses of Wikileak founder Julian Assange’s arrest. The association made up by Norwegian authors  point out that critical information about the USA’s murder of innocent civilians in Iraq never would have been uncovered without WikiLeaks. Rune Ottosen is a professor of journalism and he is on the board of Norsk PEN. He is of the opinion that Norwegian media and other organizations need to stand up for Julian Assange because he revealed the true nature of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Øyvind Bye Skille, NRK – Norge

Norway’s secret war in Afghanistan

The digital unit of NRK’s investigative journalism together with The Intercept has shown how Norway  participated with digital technology in Afghanistan. By advanced collection of mobile phone information the Americans developed a list of Taliban warriors to be apprehended or killed. NRK journalist Øyvind By Skille speak of how they worked with the disclosure and the many problems with civilians being murdered as a direct result of the top secret wire tap.