We are seeds, we are community - Transform

We are seeds, we are community (Chile/Norway 2019)
Spanish spoken, English subtitles, All ages
Wednesday September 11th at 18:00

This documentary takes us on a journey to Chile where the cultural diversity is as big as the country itself, made up by a number of aboriginal and ethnical groups. Many of these people possess a unique knowledge about nature, tilling of the land and the symbiosis between all living organisms surrounding them. At the same time Chile is a country with rising financial, ecological and climate related issues, and capitalism cannot find a solution. Rather it’s making it worse.

After the movie Irene Dominguez, founder of World Cultures United and one of the initiatior’s behind this project, will share stories of her journey and shed light on the goal they’re hoping to reach.

”When we come all together, with faith and commitment, we can start a new community”.

Irene Dominguez